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A writer (on and off) since the age of seven, I sometimes wondered if it was midlife crisis that planted in me the silly urge to write YGO fanfiction back in 2002 - but whatever the cause, I did it because it was fun (and it stayed fun for quite a long while). There were many smart, funny, creative people who made my time in fandom enjoyable: they balanced out the aggravation caused by the brats and d-bags, and encouraged me to write some pieces that I truly enjoyed creating. In particular I am grateful to the denizens of the long-departed Kyokou Geemu forum, my long-time friends Akai and Rroselavy, and Rua of the YuGiOh! FanFiction Contest forum.

Older journal entries are f-locked.

Enter next time for the chance to win your own banner!
Enter next time for the chance to win your own banner!

As I refuse to have anything to do with FaceBook, this is for those who want to know what I look like.

Here is me in second grade.

And here is what I looked like the day I got married, quite a few years later:

I was sort of half-lounging, half sitting, on a rail, on a very windy day, and pooching my non-existent lips in an attempt to look sultry ... But it's still the best picture I have. So so sad ...

RIFT is a marvelous MMORPG; similar to World of Warcraft, but better. The link lets you sign up for a free 7-day trial - make a Guardian character on the Gnarlwood server (or a Defiant on Crucia) and come play with me~!

P.S. I've tried/seen several MMORPGs and fantasy games - WoW, Aion, Dragon Age, Lord of the Rings, Age of Conan - and Rift is one of the more progressive in terms of treatment of female characters - canon female couple* as major lore figures! - another reason why I enjoy it so.

* though the word lesbian isn't used anywhere in the official wiki that I know of, the in-game dialog in the Faceless Man's room concerning Kira seems pretty clear (at least to me).
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